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In this table you can find an index of Italian starters recipes, easy italian starters, elegant and traditional, suitable either for a light meal or an important dinner. All our Italian starters are grouped in columns by the following kinds of starters: fish starters, meat starters, vegetarian starters.

Here you can find italian starters suitable also for a buffet or as a cold dish.

The recipes are proposed in order of arrival. The recipes are split into two pages: the ingredients table, with doses, cooking time and notes about ingredients and cooking techniques, linked to the text. The step-by-step explained and photographed recipe, with pictures of the finished dish and of each preparation step, is linked to the picture.

 Many of these starters can be used as main courses or a light meal: it depends only on the quantity.

peas with small cuttlefishes


Italian starters: easy, elegant, traditional

recipes for fish icon   

fish starters

meat starters
meat starters
vegetarian recipes
vegetarian starters
quick startergluten free icon

eggs stuffed with tuna


eggs stuffed with tuna

a traditional starter for Easter

uova ripene con il tonno

quick startergluten free icon

tuna of Chianti


tuna of chianti

a creative Italian starter with pork meat, easy and tasty

tonno del chianti


gluten free icon

russian salad

vegetarian starter

a traditional starter for the summer

insalata russa


scallops to pink peppercorn

scallops to pink pepeprcorn

an elegant fish starter

capesante al pepe rosa


quick starter

Italian traditional starter

italian starter

the most traditional and widespread Italian starter

antipasto all'italiana



volovant(vol au vent) with porcini mushrooms


volovant with porcini mushroomsa creative starter for special events

volovant con porcini

low calorie recipes

baked razor shells au gratin


baked razor shell au gratin

a tasty and with strong sea smell starter recipe

canolicchi gratin


gluten free icon

cold beef with onions

cold beef with onions

a cold dish and a starter from the tradition

manzo freddo al balsamico


quail eggs skewers

italian startera choreographic and easy starter recipe

spiedini di uova di quaglia

quick startergluten free icon low calorie recipes

razor shells in tomato sauce


razor shells tomato sauce

a starter with Mediterranean flavour

canolicchi al pomodoro

quick starter

lonzino with figs


lonzino with figsa traditional combination for salami

lonzino e fichi

gluten free icon low calorie recipes

asparagus mimosa


asparagus mimosa

an elegant starter recipe for spring

asparagi mimosa

volovant stuffed with prawns in aurora sauce

prawns volovants

a traditional starter for elegant dinners

volovant con i gamberi in salsa aurora

gluten free icon

guanciale with sage


guanciale with sage

a traditional recipe of Orvieto

guanciale con la salvia

flan of onions with sesame seeds


flan of onions

a creative starter

sformatodi cipolle al sesamo

gluten free icon

stewed flying squids in saffron sauce


stewed flying squids

a creative starter for a fish based dinner

totani in guazzetto

quick starter

broad beans with salami and pecorino cheese

broad beans with salami

traditional starter recipe of Rome

fave,salame e pecorino

volovant (vol-au-vent) stuffed with russian salad

russian salad volovants

a cold starter recipe 

volovant con insalata russa

quick starter gluten free icon

whitebait omelette

whitebait omlette

traditional and tasty starter recipe of Genoa

frittata di gianchetti/bianchetti

chicken breast with artichokes in the basket


chicken breast with artichokesan elegant starter recipe with a cheap ingredient

cestini di pollo con carciofi

volovant (vol-au-vent) stuffed with stracciatella cheese


stracciatella cheese volovants

a cold starter recipe for the summer 

volovant con stracciatella

gluten free icon

smoked salmon and swordfish salad with quail eggs

smoked salmon salad

a cold starter recipe for the summer and important dinners

insalata di patate di samone

ham rolls stuffed with russian salad in gelatin

ham rolls in geletin

a classic starter recipe for the summer

involtini di prosciutto con insalata russa

gluten free icon

caprese salad 

caprese salad

a starter or a light meal for every season

insalata caprese

low calorie recipes gluten free icon

Italian seafood salad

italian sea salad

the very popular starter recipe for every occasion

insalata di mare

volovant (vol-au-vent) stuffed with ham


ham volovantsa quick and tasty starter recipe 

volovant al prosciutto

gluten free icon

fried eggs with truffle

eggs with truffle 

an elementary and tasty traditional starter

uova col tartufo

volovant (vol-au-vent) stuffed with spider crab

crab volovants

a light and tasty recipe for an elegant starter

volovant con la granseola



traditional starter recipe with sheep meat

polpette di agnello

tomato salad

tomato salad

a tasty low calorie vegetarian starter and salad

insalata di pomodori

volovant (vol-au-vent) with tuna mousse

tuna mousse volovants

an Italian version for a light starter recipe

volovant con la mousse di tonno

volovant (vol-au-vent) with smoked salmon mousse


smoked salmon volovants

a creative starter recipe for elegant dinners

volovant con mousse di salmone affumicato

blue mussels soup


blue mussels soupa very popular and cheap recipe of a traditional starter

zuppetta (sauté) di cozze


stuffed sardines


italian starters recipes

italian starters in fransh

italian starters


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