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Italian cuisine
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Italian pasta and spaghetti recipes

Italian cuisine is also well known (and well regarded) for its use of a diverse variety of pasta. Pasta includes noodles in various lengths, widths and shapes. Distinguished on shapes pasta has various names: penne, maccheroni , spaghetti , linguine , fusilli , lasagne and many more varieties that are filled with other ingredients like ravioli and tortellini. The word pasta is also used to refer to dishes in which pasta products are a primary ingredient. It is usually served with sauce. There are hundreds of different shapes of pasta with at least locally recognized names. Examples include spaghetti (thin rods), macaroni (tubes or cylinders), fusilli (swirls), and lasagne (sheets). Two other noodles, gnocchi and spńtzle, are sometime considered pasta. They are both traditional in parts of Italy.

Please note that all the recipes for first courses made with the following varieties of pasta: orecchiette, trofie, umbrichelli, strozzapreti can be made with spaghetti. The choose of a pasta variety is due to the fact that traditionally the recipe is made with such specific variety  and to the different flavor given from the combination with a specific sauce.

kinds of pasta


sauteing spaghetti



 durum wheat of semolina flour dry pasta

 homemade pasta with water and flour
 homemade pasta with eggs, water and flour
other kinds of pasta

spaghetti in anchovies sauce

spaghetti in anchovies sauce

an easy and cheap traditional recipe for spaghetti with fish

spaghetti in salsa di acciughe


anchovies orecchiette


orecchette in anchovies sauce

a traditional recipe of first course of Apulia

orecchiette in salsa di aggiughe


lasagna bolognese sauce

the magnificent traditional recipe of Bologna

lasagne alla bolognese


vegetarian recipes

semolina gnocchi roman style

gnocchi roman style 

the traditional recipe of Piedmont

gnocchi alla romana


spaghetti with lobster

first course pasta

a tasty first course spaghetti recipe for special events

spaghetti all'astice

vegetarian recipes

trofie with pesto

trofie with pesto genovese sauce

a tasty vegetarian recipe of Genoa

trofie al pesto


tagliatelle bolognese


tagliatelle bolognese sauce

the traditional recipe of first course pasta for the Sunday lunch in central Italy


vegetarian recipes

semolina gnocchi with tomato sauce and chanterelle mushrooms


semolina gnocchi

a creative recipe with northern flavor

gnocchi di semola con finferli e pomodoro


brocoli pasta recipe

brocoli pasta

a traditional first course recipe of Apulia

maccheroni con i broccoli

umbrichelli all'amatriciana

umbrichelli all'amatriciana

a traditional and easy recipe of Umbria with homemade spaghetti

umbrichelli all'amatriciana

sea bass stuffed ravioli

sea bass ravioli

an elegant creative first course recipe

ravioli di branzino

gluten free icon

potato dumplings with sheep meat ragout

sheep meat sauce gnocchi

the classic recipe of Terni with a particular taste

gnocchi di patate con sugo di pecora

bucatini all'amatriciana

amatriciana bucatini

the traditional recipe made famous by the actor Alberto Sordi in the movie "un americano a Roma"

bucatini all'amatriciana

vegetarian recipes

maccheroni alla norma

macaroni norma

a great traditional vegetarian recipe of Catania

maccheroni alla norma

black cannelloni with Atlantic bonito filling

cannelloni filled with atlantic bonito

a creative recipe for cooking Bonito

cannelloni al rag¨ di palamita


gluten free icon

potato dumplings with pesto Genovese

gnocchi pesto genovese

the great traditional recipe of Genoa for the potato dumplings

gnocchi di papate al pesto genovese 

scoglio seafood spaghetti

spaghetti scoglio

the traditional recipe for seafood spaghetti

spaghetti allo scoglio

strozzaperti with bolognese sauce


the traditional and easy recipe of Romagna

strozzapreti col rag¨

vegetarian recipes 

mandilli de saea with pesto Genovese

mandilli pasta

a masterpiece of the traditional cooking with pesto Genovese

mandilli de saea al pesto

gluten free icon

potato gnocchi with tub gurnard sauce

gurnard gnocchi

a creativefirst course pasta recipe for a tasty fish

gnocchi di patate con sugo di gallinella

pasta with sardines

sardines pasta

the magnificent first course classic recipe of Palermo with a typical Sicilian flavor

pasta con le sarde

strozzapreti with wild boar sauce

wild boar srozzapreti

a blend of two great traditional recipes of Romagna and Tuscany

strozzaperti con rag¨ di cinghiale

vegetarian recipes

garganelli with nettles sauce

nettles garganelli

A light first course pasta recipe, very tasty and also healthy

garganelli con ortiche

vegetarian recipes

testaroli of Lunigiana with pesto Genovese


testaroli pesto genovese sauce

a magnificent and easy recipe for the oldest Italian pasta

testaroli al pesto

spaghetti with tub gurnard

gurnard spaghetti

a creative recipe with many flavors

spaghetti con la gallinella

spaghetti alla chitarra with meatballs

meatballs spaghetti

the magnificent traditional recipe of Abruzzo

spaghetti alla chitarra con polpette

vegetarian recipes

cannelloni spinach and ricotta

spinach ricotta cannelloni

the traditional first course recipe with egg pasta

cannelloni verdi con ricotta e spinaci

vegetarian recipes

testaroli with porcini mushrooms sauce

porcini mushrooms testaroli traditional recipe of first course pasta easy to make in every season

testaroli con funghi porcini secchi

spaghetti with scorpion fish sauce

scorpion fish spaghetti

a creative recipe for cooking a tasty fish

spaghetti con lo scorfano

vegetarian recipes

orecchiette with tomato and basil sauce

orecchiette tomato sauce

the very easy traditional recipe of Apulia

orechiette pomodoro e basilico

garganelli with octopus an blue mussels sauce

octopus garganelli

a tasty and elegant recipe with seafood for the garganelli

garganelli con polipo e cozze

testaroli with fresh tuna

tastaroli tuna sauce

a very tasty recipe for the testaroli, combined with tuna

testaroli con il tonnno fresco

low calorie recipes

chicken spaghetti

chicken spaghetti

quick and easy first course pasta recipe

spaghetti con rag¨ di pollo e peperoni

strozzapreti Medici style

strozzapreti medici style

creamy first course pasta recipe

strozzapreti alla Medici

vegetarian recipes

Cappellacci with rocket and mozzarella cheese sauce

egg pasta recipe

Tasty recipe with filled egg pasta suitable also to be served tepid

cappellacci rucola e mozzarella

vegetarian recipes

eggplant filled mezzelune pasta

mezzelune pasta

ravioli made in mezzelune shape for a vegetarian first course



cannelloni bolognese sauce

cannelloni bolognese sauce

the traditional recipe of first course

cannelloni al rag¨


action sauteing spaghetti


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