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The risotto, the Italian name for cooking rice Italian style, requires particular cooking techniques, available only in Italian cuisine. They consist in how to use the broth/stock and how to use the white wine.

For the broth/stock the most important is not adding all at the same time, but just a little at time, waiting until well absorbed by the rice and then adding again. This operation must be repeated until cooking is ready. In our recipes we give cooking timetable and in our  recipes with pictures we show how to make it step-by-step.

The other particular cooking technique is sprinkling with white wine. We have a step-by-step photographed description in our cooking techniques table and in each  recipe with pictures.

It is also important do not stir. While you must stir the pasta for avoiding it to stuck, the rice must be handled with care, using only a wooden spoon , stirring gently only when  cooking begins, just for blending well the flavors.

The result should be a rice with thick grains, well separated, as you can see in all our  recipes with pictures step-by-step

The pictures of rice recipes are linked directly to the photographed recipe, the text to the table of ingredients. The Italian name is linked to the Italian site. The dishes are added in order of arrival.

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risotto with beans

beans risotto

a traditional recipe for the risotto

risotto coi borlotti

gluten free icon

risotto with monkfish, peas and curry powder

risotto with curry and fish

a fusion recipe for a blend of Mediterranean and eastern flavors

risotto con pescatrice piselli e curry

risotto alla Milanese

traditional risotto recipe

the ancient authentic recipe for the risotto of Milan

risotto alla milanese

gluten free icon

risotto with artichokes

risotto with artichokes

a traditional risotto and a vegetarian recipe

risotto coi carciofi

gluten free icon

risotto alla pescatora

risotto alla pescatora

a magnificent and most popular recipe for the risotto with fish

risotto alla pescatora


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risotto with nettles and smoked sausage

risotto with nettles

a tasty and easy recipe for making a risotto Italian style

risotto con le ortiche

gluten free icon

risotto with courgettes/zucchinis, saffron and mint

risotto with courgettes zucchinis

 a low calorie and elegant risotto

risotto con zucchine e zafferano

rice vialone and carnaroli

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risotto recipes

risotto recipes 

risotto recipes


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