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Italian recipes for Easter: cakes and menu for Easter dinner

In this page you can find Italian traditional recipes for Easter, with cakes and a menu for Ester dinner or lunch Italian style. It is also explained the symbolic value of each recipe.

Among all the Christian celebrations Easter is without any doubt the most important.

easter recipeThe Italian recipes for Easter dinner are influenced by this miraculous event and have a great symbolic value: the eggs are symbol of the regenerating life, so recipes with eggs are absolutely necessary, as symbolic representation of the transmutation.

For respecting this tradition you easter recipecan start as Easter starters with the appetizer recipe quail eggs skewers and their special sauces. The other choice can be the eggs stuffed with tuna. Always with eggs we have the tagliatelle with ragout bolognese as fist course recipe.

The fish, as ikhtus (fish in Greek) was the symbol of Jesus Christ  for the first persecuted italian easter recipe

The fish for the holy week, if we want to respect the symbolism, should be  with  scales, but every kind of fish will be well. We have seen above as Easter starter the eggs stuffed with tuna, for an Easter first course recipe easter recipewith fish we propose spaghetti with tub gurnard. Aneaster recipe other choice, if you wish a very traditional recipe with eggs pasta, traditional pasta for Easter, are the tagliatelle with ragout bolognese

easter recipeThe lamb is an Easter recipe as remember of the pacific and voluntary  sacrifice is the other ritual food, sometime substituted by the young goat, near for taste, but not so close to the Easter symbolism. As first course we propose an excellent traditionaleaster recipe recipe of

Terni: gnocchi with sheep meat ragout , and as main course recipe we propose a light and tasty recipe lamb chops with herbs, or as other choice easter recipemeatballs in tomato sauce For other recipes with lamb see our lamb, sheep and mutton recipes

To these food are added other from the pagan tradition, as the legumes since always representing the abundance, the rich meats of the pork, used for the ragout Bolognese and all the spring vegetables.easter recipe

At the end of Easter dinner or lunch the most traditional Easter cake, the colomba, proposed in the classic recipe.

Among the great Easter cakes and desserts of the tradition I admit to prefer the Pastiera Napoletana.


easter recipeRicher in flavor and taste, however less immediate in the symbolism: the colomba is made in this shape for remembering the celebration, the pastiera contains ingredients  as the grain kernels and the eggs remembering the symbolism of Easter.

If Easter is the great celebration, the day after, Easter Monday (in Italian Angel's Monday for the Church and  Pasquetta  "little Easter" in spoken language) is the day for a picnic, with the kids running on the meadows and the adults enjoying the hot sun rays.

links with recipes for Easter menu

Starter:quail eggs skewers or eggs stuffed with tuna

First course: spaghetti with tub gurnard or potato dumplings with sheep meat ragout or tagliatelle with ragout bolognese

Main course: lamb chops with herbs, or lamb meatball in tomato sauce

Dessert: pastiera napoletana or colomba

easter recipe

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