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 how to prepare gnocchi with sheep sauce

gnocchi with sheep ragout

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Making sheep sauce and potato gnocchi step-by-step

recipe with gnocchi  


prepare the sauce as shown in the basic recipe

making gnocchi with sheep sauce

making gnocchi

in the meantime stem the potatoes: they must be tick, those with red peel are good
when the sauce is ready salt and remove the meat

remember to filter the sauce for avoiding little bones


making gnocchi

making gnocchi

prepare the gnocchi following the basic recipe: they will be soft and delicious.
Add vegetables.

the gnocchi do not like to prepare just before serving

boil the gnocchi in abundant salted watermaking gnocchi
making gnocchipick out from the pot as soon as emerging
put on the dish a ladle of sheep saucemaking sheep sauce gnocchi
making gnocchiput on sauce gently the gnocchi
a ladle of sauce on again a grated pecorino cheesemaking sheep ragout gnocchi
serving gnocchi with sheep ragoutgarnish with a little of chopped parsley and serve
gnocchi with sheep sauce

sheep sauce gnocchi

sheep sauce gnocchi 

sheep sauce gnocchi

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