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Recipe with pictureshow to make cannelloni  with Atlantic Bonito stuffing


recipe with pictures of manual skills required for rolling cannelloni

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PREPARATION: step-by-step photographed recipe



rinsing fishCleanse and rinse the bonito and bake in foil, as shown in the recipe. 

bonito in foil

Remove carefully skin and bones and chop the meat, use also its sauce and the shelled clams for making cannelloni fillingfilling

egg pasta flour

prepare the homemade egg pasta dough as shown in the egg pasta dough recipe, adding  cuttlefish ink to the flour
pasta doughRoll out the dough tiny then cut to rectangles as small as your hand.cutting pasta dough
Spread onto the bottom of a baking pan with a half of the tomato pulp. If available use small  Pyrex pans for each portion, it will avoid the problem to move the cannelloni while serving. potato pulp
stuffingSpread 2 tablespoons of the stuffing in each triangle and roll gently.rolling cannelloni
cannelloniPut into the pan the cannelloni paying attention them to separatecannelloni
cannelloni with tomato Cover with tomato sauce for avoiding them to dry and bake at  F 356 (180 C)cannelloni on oven grid
black cannelloni Serve hot
black cannelloni 

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