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The Tuna (tonno): description and Italian names

description and the Italian names of the sea fish 


The tuna fish is the only warm-blooded  fish. It lives in schools and eats cephalopods and fishes. There are several varieties of tuna fish widespread in Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea . In the Mediterranean red tuna piecesea we find the red tuna (tonno rosso) so called because of its meat colour, the Albacore or white tuna (alalunga or tonno bianco)   very esteemed variety. Usually these two varieties are sold in pieces or fillets, while the tonnetto or bonito, striped or plain, and lower quality, is sold entire. The variety most used for canning tuna is thecanned tuna Thunnus Albacares or Yellowfin tuna, so called beacause of its characteristic red colour of the fins top. This variety lives in schools in tropical and sub tropical waters and its weight is about 88 LBS (40 kg). At the time to purchase control the meat, that must be tight and smooth; by pressing it with your finger no one  fingerprint  shall remain on the skin. The colour must be dark red.

Fresh or canned tuna fish is one of the most popular fishes in Italy (the ancient Romans already had a rich industry for fishing and salting). Less widespread smoked, however very appreciated.  


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